BSH Member survey 2020 - acting on your feedback

In the summer of 2020, the BSH commissioned Research by Design to assist us with a membership research project

This research fed into the BSH's strategy so that data collected could inform decision-making and ensure our new strategy aligns with members' needs.

Following the results of the survey it was agreed that the three strategic objectives in the new strategy would be

1. Membership support for all MDT professionals

2. Knowledge transfer

3. Advocacy

As part of our strategic objectives BSH is

  • working to improve membership benefits including offering members at least four free webinars a year
  • focusing on providing more multi-disciplinary education for students and professionals at all levels
  • raising standards of clinical care and laboratory practice through guidelines and the provision of expert advice  
  • providing support for research via its publications, programmes and grants
  • providing networking opportunities that bring haematology professionals together
  • further developing content related to guidelines to increase their dissemination and enable science to be translated into best practice
  • expanding the reach of the Annual Scientific Meeting
  • expanding our haematology workforce project and looking how we deliver our services.

View the results of the survey.

For more information on the survey, contact [email protected].