Event FAQs

Can you invoice my Trust for my registration fee? 

We are unfortunately not able to invoice Trusts for registration fees. Our events are online registration and credit card payment only.

I have applied for BSH membership but my membership has not been approved yet. Can I register at the reduced members rate or get a partial refund of the registration fee once my membership has been approved? 

The membership discount benefit is only available to those who are BSH members at the time of registration. If your membership is pending approval at the time of registration you will have to pay the full registration fee. We are not able to part-refund registration fees once your membership has been approved.  

Do you provide financial support for trainees wanting to attend your events? 

BSH members can apply for a Trainee Educational Bursary. For more information please visit our Grants page

Can I get a refund if I have to cancel my place?

If you cancel your place within seven days of registration, we will refund the full registration fee to your credit or debit card. If you cancel your place more than seven days of registration, we will only consider a refund if we can re-sell your place. Please refer to our Event Terms and Conditions.

Do you refund registration fees if BSH cancel an event? 

If an event is cancelled by BSH we will return your payment as soon as reasonably possible. However, BSH are not liable to refund travel or accommodation costs.

If you have any further queries regarding our events please fill in the form below or email [email protected].

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