We are delighted to offer two types of grants to support attendance at our Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in April 2024.

Read how previous ASM scholarships have supported individuals across a range of careers and professional stages.

ASM Abstract Scholarships - this grant is now closed

Our ASM Abstract Scholarships support the best of haematology science and research. Funding is offered to eligible presenters of the highest-scoring abstracts to facilitate their attendance at the conference.

Eligible presenters include undergraduate and postgraduate students, early-career professionals in training, low to middle-income country (LMIC) residents and NHS professionals on Band 8a and below.

The Early Careers Forum have created the following two documents, giving hints and tips on how to write a successful grant application or abstract submission.

Help to write your Abstract document 

Help to write your Grant application document

Please note: Abstract Scholarships do not require a separate application. Instead, you will be asked during abstract submission if you would like to be considered for an Abstract Scholarship. If your abstract is one of the highest-scoring, we will contact you with an offer shortly after the abstract approvals are sent.

This scholarship covers registration costs, travel and accommodation of up to £1,000.

You do not have to be a BSH Member to receive an Abstract Scholarship. However, BSH Members benefit from a higher maximum funding cap.

Submit an abstract for BSH ASM 2024.

For more information, see the terms and conditions of the grant, our Grants FAQs, or contact us at [email protected].

ASM Grants - this grant is closed

The ASM Grants support, nurses, physician associates, students, doctors and scientists in training, allied health professionals, and those residents in LMICs.

We encourage applications from those representing their departments who will cascade the knowledge to others in their institutions, especially nurse practitioners, clinical scientists, biomedical scientists, academic scientists and PhD students.

Grants are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until the fund is depleted.

Successful applicants will receive a code to use at registration that will cover the cost of conference registration. We will pay travel and accommodation costs after the ASM and once receipts and the grant report are received.

Application process

Applications are open for nurses, Allied health professionals and Advanced clinical practitioners

Maximum values: BSH Members
BSH Member: £750 (after 1+ year[s] of membership)
BSH LMIC Member: £1,000 (after 1+ year[s] of membership)

Maximum values: non-members
Non-member: £500
LMIC non-member: £750

The scholarship covers:
ASM registration fees, travel and subsistence up to £1,000.

Applicants must demonstrate a clear interest or practice in haematology and must be one of the following:

  • An undergraduate or postgraduate student.
  • An early-stage professional still in training (e.g. Specialist Registrar, Core Medical Trainee, Scientist Trainee).
  • An NHS professional on Band 8a or below.
  • A Nurse of any grade or band (nursing travel scholarship).
  • Resident in an LMIC country.

Please note: applicants cannot receive in excess of £1,000 in a three-year period for a small travel grant (includes Student Electives, Trainee Educational Bursaries, Travel Scholarships and ASM Scholarships).

What to include in your application:

  • A cover letter stating your reasons for attending the ASM, including details of how your attendance will benefit you, your institution or the wider haematology community.
  • A letter of support from your tutor or head of department.
  • A detailed budget and/or relevant booking receipts.

How to apply:
Apply through our online form below.

Requirements for successful applicants:
To help promote the grant and the ASM, we ask successful applicants to provide a brief bio and outline what they hope to achieve at the ASM and a short report after the conference detailing their experience.

We showcase the best reports in our communications, including on the website, member bulletins and social media.

We ask all grant recipients to send a brief one-page report within eight weeks of return from the conference. We will showcase the best reports in our communications, including on the website, member bulletins and social media.

For more information, see the terms and conditions of the grant, our Grants FAQs, or contact us at [email protected].

About your grant application
Personal Information
Click on the month and year to quickly select the appropriate date from the dropdown menu for each. Then choose the day of the month from the calendar.
If yes, please include your membership number.
Please include your institution name and department.
Please include the year of study if you are a student.
(if applicable)
ASM Travel Scholarship

Check all applicable boxes.

Student Elective Scholarship
Name of university/institute.
Global Haematology Scholarship

Please ensure that your proposal outline explains why your visit will not be through an established link or programme, and detail how you plan to address this.

Please keep your response to <250 words.
Previous BSH Grants

Additional Funding


Please ensure that all values are in pound sterling (GBP), along with currency conversions if required.

Supporting Documents Upload
This could include any relevant substantiating material (e.g. receipts).
This should include the intended outcomes, planned activities and the timeframe of the visit.
This should cover the need for the visit, the relevant facilities, the logistics (e.g. accommodation, airport transfers) and other support the host institution will provide to you.
This should include detail on how the training is relevant to the institution and how it will be supported on your return.
This should detail the support that will be provided to you, details of relevant logistics and the institution's previous experience in hosting similar visits.

Please ensure all of the correct documents are uploaded with your application. You will receive a confirmation email with the documents attached. Your application will not be considered until all required documents are received.