Formed in 2022, The British Society for Haematology (BSH) Laboratory Special Interest Group (SIG) incorporates both benign and malignant laboratory haematology. The SIG is comprised of BSH members and non-members who are a mix of medics and scientists.

The group will focus on general laboratory haematology, haematological malignancy diagnostics and the investigation of constitutional haematological disorders in the UK. These will continue to be a growth area over the next few decades, particularly with the advent of genomic and personalised medicine. Within the SIG, we will have separate sub-speciality workstreams to allow professionals to coalesce around areas of their particular interest, such as HMDS or red cell haematology.

These workstreams will operate and report through the SIG organising committee.

Officers of the Laboratory SIG

Tom Butler (Interim Chair)
Consultant Haematologist and Haematopathologist, Barts Health NHS Trust
Clinical Director, NHS East and South East London Pathology Partnership

April Sellors (Chair Designate)
Consultant Clinical Scientist
HMDL Laboratory, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Dr Alesia Khan (Vice-chair)
Consultant Haematologist
Haematological Malignancy Diagnostic Service, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Andrew McGregor
Consultant Haematologist
The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Andrew Wilson
Consultant Haematologist
University College London NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Anna Godfrey
Consultant Haematologist and Clinical Lead
Haematopathology and Oncology Diagnostics Service, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Emma Das-Gupta
Consultant Haematologist
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Professor John Snowden
Consultant Haematologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Honorary Professor, University of Sheffield
Honorary Clinical Professor, University College London

Dr Linda Barton
Consultant Haematologist, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Honorary Associate Professor, University of Leicester

Mrs Nicki Lawrence
Principal Biomedical Scientist
Royal Stoke University Hospital

Dr Noemi Roy
Consultant Haematologist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Associate Professor of Molecular Haematology, University of Oxford

Dr Rachel Brown
Haematology Consultant and Clinical Director for Laboratory Haematology
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Sateesh Kumar Nagumantry
Consultant Haematologist, Peterborough City Hospital
PNH Physician, National PNH Service, Leeds

Dr Shireen Kassam
Consultant Haematologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician, London South-East
KSS Training Programme Director, King’s College Hospital, London

Dr Stefan Dojcinov
Consultant Pathologist, University Hospital of Wales
Chair of British Lymphoma Pathology Group

Dr Timothy Farren
Head of Immunophenotyping and Scientific Lead for SIHMDS
NHS East and South East London Pathology Partnership

Join the Laboratory Special Interest Group.
The SIG welcomes both members and non-members of the BSH who have a special interest in Laboratory Haematology and is free to join.

Please note you will need to log in or create a website account to join a SIG.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 020 7713 0990.

HMDS survey results

Thank you to those who completed our HMDS survey last year. A summary of the results is available.

The results have already been presented at a BSH-supported HMDS network meeting in February 2023, as well as at the Lab SIG session of our BSH Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in April 2023.

The ASM presentation discusses the results of the survey, as well as outlining national issues and progress on forming a UK HMDS network. 

Genomics Laboratory Hubs (GLH) and their multidisciplinary teams (MDT)

Below you will find further information on the UK GLHs, their MDTs and the tests they provide.

Red Cell MDT

The MDT is held from 14:00 to 15:00 every Thursday.

Regular attendees:
Noemi Roy
Janet Hampson
Melanie Proven, Ria Burns
Dariusz Dziedzic
Sarah Westbury
Liam Miller
Treena Cranston
I-jun Lau
Saniya Dhawan
Amrana Qureshi
Altaf Al-Mamari
Michelle Rugless
Matthew Sims
Francesca Crolla
Rachael Biggart

Primary contact:
Oxford Molecular Haematology Laboratory

Request form:
Rare disease molecular haematology request form

Platelet MDT

The MDT is held every two weeks on a Friday from 14:00 to 15:00 via Teams.

Regular attendees:
Organiser: Dr Dalia Khan, Consultant Haematologist, Oxford
MDT coordinator: Gabi Niemiec
Prof Andrew Mumford
Dr Sarah Westbury
Dr Nicola Curry
Dr Sarah Mangles
Dr Rashid Kazmi
Dr Claire Lentaigne
Dr Gillian Lowe
Dr Carl Fratter
Dr Patricia Bignell
Liam Miller

Primary contact:
Dr Dalia Khan

Request form:
Genetics MDT proforma

Red Cell MDT

The MDT is held on the third Friday of each month.

Regular attendees:
The four GLH scientists

Primary contact:
Noemi Roy

Request form:
Genomics diagnostic laboratory generic request form

Platelet MDT

The MDT is held on the fourth Thursday of every second month, either at 11:00 or 14:00.

Regular attendees:
NW GLH and East GLH Genetics Specialist teams (including invited guests).

Primary contacts:
Laura and Rachel, MDT Coordinators at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

Request form:
Genomics diagnostic laboratory generic request form


The MDT is held on the first Monday of each month from 10:00-11:30.

Regular attendees:
Chair: Dr Elizabeth Horn

Primary contact:
Dr Elizabeth Horn

Request forms:
Rare disease referral form
Genetic testing for haemoglobinopathies referral form

Specialised red cell tests - added 13 March 2023
Laboratory SIG: Updated diagnostic classifications in haematological oncology

For some time, we have been anticipating the publication of two new haematological malignancy diagnostic classifications: the World Health Organisation (WHO) 5th edition and the International Consensus Classification (ICC), the outlines of which have recently been published in Leukemia and Blood, respectively.

While, for the most part, they agree and overlap with each other, the two classifications do differ in some areas.

The British Society for Haematology (BSH) and the British Lymphoma Pathology Group (BLPG) have been asked to help. We want to provide some interim guidance for members whilst planning formal, definitive guidance.

More information.